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Department: Religious Studies
Instructor: Dr. Phil Johnson
Course Name: "Religion: Global Outreach"

As a religious studies expert, Dr. Johnson's course examines the motives, efforts, and consequences of attempts at global outreach in modern times. Before coming to the university, he gained notoriety because of his huge success as an internet marketer and entrepreneur. Through his agency, Micro Monster, has been a major collaborator in the viral vape product introductions for the 510 line. "510" is the thread count standard used by all manufacturers of these accessories. A 510 cartridge will perfectly connect to a 510 vape cartridge battery. His "Marry Me" campaign won over a million views on the first day. The 510 cartridge is a high tech product that, like religion, is connecting disparate parts of the globe for profit, not a motive completely alien to religious outreach. The course, through examples in radio, tv, film and the internet, studies how religious organizations attempt to preserve and grow its base of influence in other cultures.


Two different Sacred Hearts Schools have owned this site's domain at different times. In 2001 the first school was Sacred Hearts & St. Stephen's School located in Brooklyn, New York. It appears that when the domain's registration expired a Sacred Hearts School in Lahaina, Maui purchased it. Now new owners have aquired the domain. However, they have chosen to keep an edited version of the site's archived content as an example showing how websites are first created and then can move from one owner to another. Some site's will dramatically change focus and content from one new owner to another. This site has remained  true to its url name and original purpose as an online presence for two different Sacred Hearts Schools.
We show examples of both schools with archived content from 2001 and 2010- 2011.

To learn more about the Sacred Hearts School in Lahaina, go to their current website at:


While vacationing on Maui, we stayed in Lahaina near the school and regularly interacted with the students. We were very impressed with the intellect and drive of the girls with whom we often shared meals. One morning we witnessed a remarkable exchange regarding ancient philosophers and the influence of their reasoning. They spoke knowledgeably about existentialism, acceptance of reality, and most intriguing, the idea of "nothing." We were enthralled and noting our interest they shared resources and one especially good webpage to start us thinking. We often speak of how we were introduced to Nothing in Maui by the students of Sacred Hearts.


Sacred Hearts & St. Stephen's School 2010 - 2011

239 Dickenson Street
Lahaina, HI 96761
Phone: (808) 661-4720 Fax: (808) 667-5363

The mission of the Sacred Hearts School community is to provide excellence in education and to nurture a life of prayer, faith and service in the Catholic tradition.

We are a small Catholic school devoted to the intrinsic and intellectual development of our students. Through our teachings students develop a respect for others, themselves, and the world in which they live. We are devoted to educating *All Kinds of Minds and building a positive learning community.

*All Kinds of Minds is the nonprofit institute founded by Dr. Mel Levine. 

Along with the parents, who are the childrenfs first teachers, the Sacred Hearts School staff is committed to gteach as Jesus didh in our calling as educators. Sacred Hearts School is a small Catholic school providing a faith-based education to students in pre-school through eighth grade. At Sacred Hearts School, we combine current technology, diverse teaching techniques, and a contemporary curriculum in a traditional Catholic setting. Our approach to learning is to nurture the whole student: spiritually, intellectually, emotionally, and physically. At Sacred Hearts School, we believe that Gospel values and faith give today's students the fortitude to rise above tomorrow's challenges.
(revised 05/14/08)

Sacred Hearts School is a Catholic school which views itself as an important part of a larger living faith community committed to the goals of a Catholic Christian Education. At Sacred Hearts School, instruction in Catholic religious truth and values is an integral part of the school program. Religion functions as the underlying reality in which the studentfs relationship with God and the experiences of learning and living achieve their deepest meaning (to teach as Jesus did).

Sacred Hearts School shows its commitment to the goals of Catholic Christian education in the following areas: 

The religious/spiritual goal is to foster a closer relationship with God. We strive to develop spirituality and prayer in our students so they will be able to draw from their Christian values throughout their lives.

The intellectual goals are to develop the students; potential in their academic abilities and to imbue the students with the desire to become lifelong learners.

The psychological goal is focused on developing the whole child. We are concerned with an awareness of the studentfs own individuality and the development of the studentfs self-confidence.

The sociological goal is to assist our students in becoming responsible and competent members of society. We want them to be aware of all that is happening in the world. 

The physical goal is to promote a healthy mind and a healthy body through the use of motor skills and general fitness.

The aesthetic goals show our students how to appreciate all of Godfs beauty around us and to emphasize the studentsf creativity through the arts. 


History of Sacred Hearts School Lahaina, Maui

147 years ago, Sacred Hearts School, originally know as Maria Lanakila School, started as a two room building in 1862. It was staffed by the pastor and his assistant, Kilito Mauliawa. In 1870, Father Raymond Selalande of the Congregation of the Sacred Hearts, rebuilt and enlarged the small school into a four room school. He renamed the school, Sacred Hearts School, presumably after his order and today Father Selalande is considered the school's founder. He was assisted by Helen Kaoho and lay teachers.

In 1928, the Third Order of the Sisters of St. Francis of Syracuse, New York, was invited to staff the school with the assistance of lay teachers. In 2000, the last sisters left Sacred Hearts School. This teaching order's legacy of 72 years is still very present in our lay staff today. The school embraces the same charisms of the Order by carrying the joy, simplicity, charity and peacemaking work that the sisters embodied while serving the children of West Maui. Each lay teacher and non-teaching staff member honors the history of the Franciscan nuns by seeing his or her job at Sacred Hearts School as a vocation, a ministry he or she honored to follow. There is a genuine sense of gratitude held by the faculty and staff that comes from standing on the shoulders of the many dedicated giants that have taught before us on the sacred grounds of Sacred Hearts School.

In 1948, a storm destroyed the school building. Father Matthew Alencastre rebuilt the school with lumber from the Navy barracks in Pu'unene and the classes resumed the following year. A worse tragedy occurred in 1971 when the school was completely destroyed by arson. The statue of Christ that is in the courtyard is the only remnant of the school after that fire. After much soul-searching and unwavering community support, the present school was built under the guidance of Father Stephen Van Dende.

The classes were always taught as double grades due to the school's small enrollment. But as enrollment increased in the late 1960's, the grades were taught separately except for the Jr. High which was eliminated altogether. In 1973, by parental request, the 7th and 7th grades were reinstated. The Parent-Teacher Guild (PTG) raised sufficient funds to build the present Kindergarten-Library building in order to have space for the Jr. High classes.

In 2000, the last of the Franciscan sisters teaching at Sacred Hearts School were called back to other mission assignments on O'ahu. Under the guidance of the pastor, Father Joseph Bukoski, plans were drawn up to renovate the first floor of the convent converting it into our current preschool, the Sacred Hearts School Early Learning Center, Ke Kula Kamali'i Pu'uwai La'a. The vision became a reality due to the requests and support of the parish and Lahaina community. The Early Learning Center opened on August 19, 2001. Presently, the center services 10 students ages 3 years old and 24 students ages 4 to 5 years old. Since its opening, it has always been filled to capacity with a waiting list.


Sacred Hearts School : Admission

Dear Parent,

Thank you for your interest in Sacred Hearts School. Please find Student Enrollment application and Registration Contract on the bottom of this page.

If you are applying for grades 1-8, please include your child's latest report card along with the Enrollment application.

If you have any questions about Sacred Hearts School and this application packet, please call the office at (808) 661-4720.


Susan Hendricks



“Peace Be With You” students and parents,

This year the teachers and I reflected on the legacy that all of us at Sacred Hearts School have inherited with our calling to be teachers here. Did you know that Maria Lanakila Catholic Church was founded 150 years ago by the priests of the Congregation of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary? That is why the name of our school is what it is. Then from 1928 until the year 2000, the nuns of the Third Order of Franciscans from Syracuse, New York began their 72 years of teaching at our blessed school.

In the decision making process of choosing a theme for the year, we worked on keeping the charisms of these two religious orders alive in the mission and work that we do with you at Sacred Hearts School. Instead of changing the theme every year, we have decided to choose a permanent theme. We wanted a theme that reflected the spirit of both religious communities that laid the foundation of this school. Therefore, your principal and teachers are returning to a theme we chose a few years ago as our permanent school theme: “Peace Be With You.” The hearts of Jesus and Mary were all about peace! The Franciscan order of priests and nuns look to Saint Francis of Assisi to guide their ministry work, and peace has always been associated with the spiritual essence of St. Francis. Peace is a way of life, a living prayer that we can model.

In every thought, word and deed we express, let us all pray for and listen to God’s guidance so that we consciously give our best to God and the Sacred Hearts School community. The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit walk with us as we transition into our 149th school year! Many of our community members have been with Sacred Hearts School for a long time, and a few are new. The triad of our staff, the parents, and the students make up the formula for success in our learning community. As companions on this journey of educating the children, each piece of the triangle executes its role and each relies on the other two in order to maintain a balanced perspective of purposefulness. A Christ-centered vision, our Student Learning Expectations (SLEs), the TRIBES Agreements, this policy handbook, and our own unique gifts will surely help guide us through another year filled with appreciation, forgiveness, peacemaking, learning and living aloha.

The mission of our school is driven by the desire to provide academic excellence. We work to nurture in our community a life of prayer, faith, and service in the Catholic tradition. Sacred Hearts School impresses upon the students the belief that one person can make a difference. Our community and global outreach projects offer the students opportunities that use their virtues and multiple intelligences to make sense of the world around them. The best education “takes place when parents and educators form a coalition on behalf of the student.” (Dr. Mel Levine, Educational Care, 2002)

As a Catholic school, we find strength and purpose in Christ’s teachings. We strive to teach in such a way that we connect the intellect with the heart. We will work together to see with the eyes of the heart, to see each other heart to heart. Recognizing the divine spark and the spirit of truth in each other is our honorable task. I thank you and our parish for the commitment to our team effort. I am full of unembarrassed joy and I am honored to join you as we build relationships of the heart with God the Father, His Son, the Holy Spirit, and with each other.

Your companion on the journey,
Mrs. S.L. Hendricks, Principal, 2010-2011


Sacred Hearts & St. Stephen's School 2001

135 Summit Street
Brooklyn, New York  11231-2703
Office Hours:
Monday - Friday  8:00AM - 2:30PM
Phone: 718.625.2267      Fax: 718.260.9233

Our school community is dedicated to fostering the total growth of each individual intellectually, spiritually, physically, and socially. Our goal is to provide the highest quality elementary education that will prepare our students to successfully continue their education through high school and college. Parents, faculty, and administration work together to develop an atmosphere in which the life and spirit of Jesus Christ might continue to challenge and invite each student to reach their full potential. The school offers a Christian value oriented approach toward academic learning. Our purpose is to nuture the gift of faith and enable our students to mature into responsible adults who will become productive citizens in our society.

Pastor: Father Anthony Acciarito
Principal: Sister Anna Desiderio
Religious Instruction: Sister Mary Alphonsina

Serving the parishes of:

Sacred Hearts & St Stephen
St Agnes
St Mary Star of the Sea
St. Peter/St. Paul - Our Lady of Pilar
Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary